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The application of EvoCrete® allows the construction of frost-thaw resistant bearing layers, without subsoil improvement or stabilization, construction of a bearing layer without aggregates and without base layer stabilization.

EvoCrete ®
Is the third stage of evolution and is the result of a consistent, market focused further development of the products InfraCrete ® and GeoCrete ®.
EvoCrete ® ST
Modified binder for all cement treated road base or base layers for industrial facilities
EvoCrete ® CC
Cement modifier for all concrete application (unreinforced and reinforced concrete).
EvoCrete ® IM
Special binder / additive to immobilize environmental hazard pollutants like: heavy metals, tar and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), etc.
EvoCrete ® BR
100% green binder for the product of bricks without burning in a kiln.
Best of all
Best in Class

EvoCrete ® since 1994 is trusted, third generation soil and concrete modification technology having more than 75 million square meters of stabilization projects to its credit. Our worldwide tested and accredited product and processes system to modify using admixtures with binders have proven its performance in every soil except peat in every part of our planet. We have come up to expectations of our clients in extreme climate conditions of +55° C Celsius to -60° C.
Please send us detailed information about your project or ask for the desired quantities, we will make you a specific offer.
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