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Crude Oil
Crude oil is a mixture of naturally occurring hydrocarbons.
Processed with petrochemistry into Diesel, Petrol, Fuel oil, Jet fuel, Kerosene and thousands of other products. Crude oils are named after their content and origin, and classified according to their per unit weight (specific gravity). Heavier raw materials provide more heat during firing but have lower API gravity and a market price compared to light ones
(or sweet) raw materials.
We have the raw materials through our global sourcing. Ask for a specific offer with the desired quality and quantity best from a chemical analysis. See sample below for heavy crude.
analysis Heavy crude oil
Our Oil businessLogistics
As a global trading house, our success in the rare earth commodities business has added business to our crude oil business. Here we are at the center of the global economy, not just goods from Nigeria but also from other producer countries. Every day, around the world, we trade - reliably, efficiently and responsibly. We see global trade as a positive force, therefore, our endeavor to constantly improve our performance in order to open up new markets and to attract new customers and suppliers. Our employees have knowledge and expertise in the markets, maintain long-term relationships with key market players - producers, refineries, logistics companies. As a small and flexible company owned by management, we can respond to customer needs quickly and efficiently. Quick decision-making leads to quick answers and gives the organization the necessary flexibility on site to meet the opportunities of the market.
Please ask for the quantities you require, we will make you a specific offer
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